Who we are

Our Origins

MEGA was formed in terms of the MEGA Act No. 1, of 2010 click here to read the MEGA mandate, to provide funding to and promote foreign trade and investment in Mpumalanga, for the benefit of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs).

The entity itself was borne of a merger of three bodies: The Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (the former MEGA), responsible for funding small, medium and micro-enterprises and promoting trade and investment; the Mpumalanga Agricultural Development Corporation, responsible for financing and growing agricultural projects; and the Mpumalanga Housing Finance Company, which financed housing.

MEGA is now responsible for funding SMMEs; agro projects and farming; and housing; and for promoting trade and investment in Mpumalanga. Further, the Agency invests in strategic projects that require an equity partner, like Tekwane Citrus, Nkomati Anthracite, Loopspruit Wine Estate and Highveld Fruit Packers – all of which have benefited from MEGA’s experience in commercialising start-ups.


  1. MEGA offers expertise on Mpumalanga’s economy and investment potential.
  2. MEGA’s investment opportunities are packaged for a high probability of success.
  3. MEGA enjoys alliances and relationships with investors and other stakeholders.
  4. MEGA provides innovative solutions accompanied by a high level of service.

Our vision is to be a capable, credible and resilient institution that stimulates growth and development in Mpumalanga, to reduce unemployment, poverty and inequality.

Our primary mission is to foster the sustainable growth and development of Mpumalanga’s economy by attracting, facilitating and maximizing investment.