Trade & Investments Promotion within MEGA

MEGA’s T&I Division

On the basis that Mpumalanga is an investment destination of choice and a regional trade hub, MEGA has established a Trade & Investments Division; the primary function of which is to promote foreign trade by facilitating the interaction of local businesses with international counterparts and attracting foreign and domestic investment into the province of Mpumalanga. To this end, MEGA has created two sub-programmes: Trade Promotion and Investment Promotion.

Trade Promotion activities:

  • Serving as the first point of contact for all foreign trade related issues
  • Providing international market information, intelligence and research
  • Organising and participating in foreign trade missions and exhibitions
  • Hosting inward trade missions
  • Providing counseling and training to SMMEs regarding export issues
  • Advising local business on technical trade issues
  • Promoting and facilitating provincial access to the Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme (EMIA) – download the EMIA form here 
  • Promoting and facilitating provincial access to the Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS) – download the SSAS form here

Investment Promotion activities:

  • Targeting investors via the MEGA website, incoming and outgoing delegations, foreign embassies, exhibitions, chambers of commerce and municipalities
  • Facilitating feasibility studies
  • Providing investment information, intelligence and research
  • Assisting with obtaining factory space and/or land
  • Advising on commercial statutory requirements
  • Facilitating joint ventures via the identification of local partners
  • Providing opportunities for emerging B-BBEE businesses
  • Assisting in identifying potential suppliers of raw materials and feedstock
  • Assisting with the lodging of investment incentive claims with the dti