The Mpumalanga Agri-Hubs

The experts say that agricultural development in Africa requires an aggregation of capital, skills and services, in the form of growth corridors or ‘agri-hubs’.

These address both the distance factor and the scarcity of skills and services in a mixed commercial/small-scale model of production, and are considered to be the best way for African countries to organise production.

They pull together funding, technology and expertise to help countries to organise agricultural production, while addressing issues of food security, raising incomes and spurring associated demand for other goods and services over time.

On this basis, one of MEGA’s strategic objectives is the establishment and development of Mpumalanga agri-hubs to support the international fresh produce market. To this end, we have surveyed seven sites, completed geotechnical investigations and sited boreholes. Building conceptualisation is complete.