Special Eonomic Zones

Strategic Objective: Establishment of special economic and industrial zones in Mpumalanga

Pre-feasibility study was conducted

First Steering Committee Meeting

Presentation to Economic Cluster and Cabinet

SEZ Sector Specialist and Project administrator were appointed

SEZ Orientation workshop was attended

Terms of Reference for Steering Committee and Business Plan documented.

1st Capacity-building Training held in East London

Draft Feasibility Study Report submitted by DTI consultant

Second Steering Committee Meeting held

Visit to Nkomazi SEZ site by MEGA PMU, DEDT and Municipality

Staffing of SEZ PMU through secondment option

Third Steering Committee Meeting held

Draft Strategy Document Presented to Steering Committee

Draft Feasibility and Strategy Document Presented to MEC DEDT

Mpumalanga Stakeholder Workshop held

Quarterly Workshop for SEZ Practitioners attended in Pretoria organised by DTI

Fourth Provincial Steering Committee Meeting held

EIA Scoping Report and Engineering Services Report presented to MEGA management by Sisonke Planners

Technical Working Group meeting held at Nkomazi Municipality

Presentation by DEDT/MEGA PMU Team to Nkomazi Municipality

Preparations for 2nd PMU Capacity – building Training in China currently in progress