Loopspruit wine estate

Situated on the farm Loopspruit in Nkangala District, Mpumalanga, Loopspruit Wine Estate began operating as a wine farm in 1973, when the first vines were planted. In 1986 the farm was bought by the KwaNdebele Government and its operations allocated to the KwaNdebele Agricultural Company (KAC).

MEGA’s objective is to re-structure the farm and attract private sector partners, turning it into a viable and financially sustainable entity. To this end, MEGA will corporatise Loopspruit Wine Estate in 2016/2017, ensuring its effective corporate governance and creating an attractive vehicle for new investors.

The farm has a 25-hectare vineyard, a crushing machine, a cellar, a distillation unit, a laboratory, a restaurant, a mini-conference facility, an office block, a wine-tasting facility, a bulk storage facility, an off-sales facility, and other smaller facilities.

Loopspruit is approximately 120km from Johannesburg, 85km from Pretoria, 32km from Bronkhorspruit, and 15 km from KwaMhlanga. Its total size is 430 hectares.