How much is your rental?

  • It depends on the size of the building and condition, the rate per m2 differs for every property

What happens if I don’t have payslips?

  • An affidavit is acceptable, as long as if you state your monthly income which must appear on the 3 months bank statements

What happens if I have applied for funding?

  • Submission of confirmation of funding from the Institution is sufficient enough

Is it a must to pay the deposit as requested by MEGA on final approval?

  • You are given 14 days, from the approval date to pay the deposit, otherwise your application won’t be processed for occupation

When do I occupy the unit/factory after approval?

  • After the rental deposit is paid and the Lease Agreement is signed by both parties

What if I can’t get hold of the Regional Facilities Management Officer?

  • You can get hold of the Regional Manager for further assistance